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  • james
  • male
  • 73 years old, england


  • musicirish country music and ,, 1960s dance music....accordian music
  • moviesbritish comedies ,,, true stories ,, all the ,,carry on movies ,,
  • TV shows documenteries about travel
  • hobbygardening -diy -pc games-travelling ......


  • food any pasta food ,,,fish and chips
  • color green
  • pets pond fish ,jack russell terrier ,,
  • don't likeCruelty to animals

Comments (29)

hello James I'm trying to explain to Cocorico how to install the game! and I hope you will be friends with him because he is very nice! friendly

hi James i hope you are doing well and having fun here! best regards Patrick.

et aussi vwracers mais tu vas me battre ! comme d'habitude ! amicalement Pat. rocks

coucou James ! for your avatar choose from your personal photos! a bientôt j'espère !

Donn't necessarily like ALL these commercials in between. Is there a way to get away from that and just play?!!!!

I'm new too can't tell you !!!

I'm new too !!!! Can't tell you !!!

if you click on your avator and where is says upload new avator you need to click choose a file best regarts kez

i am new here could someone help me get my avatar