Bubble Shooter Pro

Bubble Shooter Pro
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Game description

But the grid is a little bit more filled, therefore we have helping line which indicates where the bubble will land. The goal of the game is to remove all the bubbles from the level by matching at least 3 or more same colored bubbles. In addition we gain points of where the bubble will land when it falls down.

Game comments

Just use a browser with a built-in ad-blocker, either Opera or Firefox work really well.

Love this game

This game is lame. Play a minute and watch the same ad over and over for 30 second repeats. Then there is some other ad it wants to lay and then it doesn't work. Then the game doesn't work. It's not that great a game to begin with. One ad per game should be the limit. AND where is the lest of scores for playing? What have others done? Have these guys ever seen a good bubble shooter game... Like Bubble Saga or Bubble Witch?

Browser2, try to turn off you Ad On an see if happens again.


This game is good but cannot finish it as says advert is coming along in 4 seconds and will not go back to game.

average 2.56

12 votes